Ethos and Values

The academy aims to meet the social, emotional and spiritual needs of each child in a caring and supportive environment. We seek to develop in the children the ability to make informed decisions and choices, so leading to sensitivity, tolerance of others and a growing self-confidence. All members of the school community are encouraged to show a caring attitude towards each other, so that the children learn by the example set.

We uphold strong Christian values within everyday life at St James, focussing on our core values of Love, Trust, Honestly and Truthfulness, Respect and Friendship, believing that we are unique children of God and we need to challenge ourselves daily to strive to do better and achieve more.

St James CE Primary Academy has established links with St. James The Great Church as a Church of England academy. Children enjoy active worship once a month, this is further cemented by church community members leading worship sessions in school.  

A principle aim of the school is to provide a Christian based education. Against this background we aim to provide a wide range of experiences and activities, which are broadly based and appropriate to the needs of the children. 
Children are expected to show respect for property; their own, other children's and the school's.
The school recognises that children thrive on encouragement and a sense of personal worth. It is against this background that the school seeks to develop in the children a love of learning and an "Education for Life."


Our School Information


We are a small village primary school within the beautiful village of Longdon, Rugeley. We are surrounded by picturesque views and wonderful countryside. The original school (which is now the village hall across the road) dates back to 1853 and we actually have the head teacher records from this time. 


We have 4 classes in school and 92 pupils currently on roll:


Class 1- Reception children

Class 2- Year 1 and Year 2 children

Class 3- Year 3 and Year 4 children

Class 4- Year 5 and Year 6 children. 


We have a lot of links to the local community including the local Church, St James The Great Church. The children often visit church and take part in key festivals throughout the year such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. You can visit the church website by clicking the link below: