Art is intrinsically planned through all cross-curricular skills based subjects, actively encouraging creativity.

Art is a medium through which children can investigate, research, analyse, express and record the world in which they live. Art lessons are carefully structured to provide different opportunities for individual and group work covering a range of skills and techniques and an appreciation of work in a variety of styles.

Children in both key stages are given regular opportunities to draw from direct observation and to draw expressing different feelings and ideas. They are required to engage in a variety of activities, for example, three dimensional work, collage, printing, painting and working with textiles. Our pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of art through looking at and discussing established works of art, craft and design. They have the opportunity to look at and discuss pictures, sculptures, artefacts and prints. They also study the work of a wide range of artists.

Children are actively encouraged to display their work. Their skills are encouraged and achievements are celebrated throughout the school in display frames.