Our School Aims

Our Mission Statement:

‘Growing and learning together with Faith’


“We live in faith, not by what we can see”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Our school aims:

At St James’ academy our aim is to enable all pupils to grow physically, mentally, socially and spiritually so gaining respect for themselves, each other and for the whole of God's wonderful world.

We seek to develop in our pupils’ the ability to have faith in themselves; to make informed decisions and choices; to grow in self-confidence and to be sensitive and tolerant of others celebrating difference and diversity.

All members of the school community are encouraged to show a caring attitude towards each other, so that together we learn by the example set.

Through our Christian values we aim to provide a safe, happy, loving and caring environment where everyone is valued and treated with respect. We aim to encourage good manners, honesty and responsibility, promoting a confident attitude to learning by recognising positive behaviour.

As a church school we aim to provide a rich, broad and creative curriculum.  We have the highest expectations for all our pupils, irrespective of their ability or background, so that they strive in faith to attain high standards in all subjects.  We aim to provide our pupils with the best possible education that prepares them for the future.

We have established links with our local church, St. James, The Great. Our pupils attend church once a month and church members regularly lead collective worship in school.

Therefore our overall aims are:

  • To value and appreciate one another as unique creations of God and acknowledge that everyone has a special part to play within our caring school community.
  • To have faith in our unique abilities and try our best at everything we do.
  • To develop the ability to work independently, co-operatively and with self-discipline.
  • To listen with respect to one another and be conscious never to damage another's self-esteem.
  • To be mindful of our Christian values and seek ways in which we can show these both inside and outside of school.
  • To foster a caring attitude for the school environment both inside and outside, equipment and personal effects.
  • To prepare pupils for the responsibilities, opportunities and experiences of adult life.