We aim, through a balanced and varied programme of musical activity to develop an enjoyment of, and enthusiasm for, music. Evidence of this is shown through willingness to become involved in musical activity and an accumulation of knowledge and skills. All musical learning is based on the requirements of the programmes of study in the national curriculum. Numerous opportunities exist for pupils to perform for one another and to parents in concerts and other special events.

The following is also available: Peripatetic music teachers provide tuition for violin and woodwind on a weekly basis, with a charge normally being made. (Please see the charging and remissions policy section).
We can also arrange 'pay direct' tuition for saxophone, guitar, electric guitar, organ, keyboard and flute.

As a school we strive to offer a varied range of opportunities for children to engage in music. This includes opportunities for children to be involved in performances at Lichfield Cathedral and local community events: For example, the school choir performs at Christmas to a wide variety of audiences such as local parish events.